Communication between the Dentist and the Technician
  Peachtree Summit Study Club Atlanta, GA  
Sept. 1996

Achieving Esthetic Excellence
  Summit Study Club Seattle, WA  
April 1998

Achieving Esthetic Excellence
  Summit Study Club Sacramento, CA  
July 1998

Achieving Esthetic Excellence
  Summit Study Club San Diego, CA  
Sept. 1998

Artistic Restorations for Severly Stained Teeth
  Hinman Dental Society Atlanta, GA  
Jan. 2000

Laminate Venners using Platinum Foil
  Vita Miami, FL  
Oct. 2000

Achieving Esthetic Excellence
  Beaches Study Club Jacksonville, FL  
Nov. 2000

Southeastern Conference Of Dental Laboratories
  Keynote Speaker  
May 2001

AchieveingEsthetic Excellence
  Reinaissance Seminars KSU Continuing Education Center  
Oct. 2002

VM7 Training Course
  November 2004  

Laminate Veneers
  Sponsored by Vident  
August 2004

VM 13 Build-up Live Demonstration
  Chicago Mid -Winter Lab Day  
Fabruary 2005

Achieving Natural Beauty - 2 Day Hands on course of VM13
  Sponsored By Vident  
May 2005

Hands on Course on Laminate Veneers
  Anaheim Convention Center  
May 2004

How to Finalize a Succesful restoration using Laminate Veneers
  Vident training Center  
November 2004