Welcome to Faustocatena.com

Fausto Catena, Master Ceramist and owner of Ceramic Art Dental Studio , has created a unique laboratory that only 20 years of hard work and experience can accomplish. 

Mr. Catena works side by side with the dentist and meets with each individual patient to produce a uniquely individual product.

Mr. Catena begins the creation process by meeting with the patient and the dentist to understand the needs and wants of the client.


This process involves interpreting what the patient desires and how to acheive the most esthetically pleasing outcome.  This requires time and inspiration on the part of Mr. Catena.

Natural lighting is also a key element in the creation process.  Hence, Ceramic Art Dental Studio was designed with ample windows, and private rooms, where the patient can sit and watch Mr. Catena create.
"Every case becomes a personal challenge to create a unique smile with which the patient will be happy.  I am not satisfied until the patient is satisfied."

Over the years Mr. Catena has been mastering all the cutting edge materials, and studying the latest technological advances to achieve the highest quality and most authentic dental products possible.  He prides himself on his commitment to stay up to date on all the latest products and techniques. As a result, Mr. Catena is able to apply advanced techniques and use state of the art equipment to achieve esthetic excellence.

Mr. Catena's practice specializes in all porcelain restoration.